The things I do for fandom – Part 2

Note: Eeeeep! Didn’t notice that I wasn’t able to schedule this post! Now it’s super duper delayed T_T

If you guys read my previous post, then you know that I flew back to Manila just to watch a concert and left when it was all over. But I didn’t just watch one concert, I watched two!

Disclaimer: As usual, all videos not mine unless stated! 🙂

David Archuleta

David Archuleta’s Manila concert was totally unexpected so I kind of freaked out over my finances for a bit when I learned about the show. David has been off my radar for a while because of his missionary work, and it’s been 5 years since he last came to Manila so I figured that I shouldn’t let the opportunity to watch him pass me by!

American Idol was a huge part of my childhood and season 7 is one of my absolute favorites. During the final, I was torn between David Cook and David Archuleta because I loved them both. They both became super huge in the Philippines after the final and I still remember them going to Manila for a concert after they concluded the American Idols Live! Tour in 2008. I was still 15 at that time, and I remember exhausting all my savings just to be able to watch that concert XD

And when I heard that he was coming back to Manila after a looong time, I found myself doing the same thing again XD

I was actually saving up for something else when I found out about this show, but hey, I’ve waited 5 long years just to see him perform again in Manila so I’m willing to pay! I wasn’t disappointed with the ticket price at all because I got a pretty good spot. My seat is towards the rear part of the theater, but I can still see the whole stage setup, PLUS I have this in front of me:

So yeah, I can still see David very clearly. Haha!

On the day of the concert, I was still on complete vocal rest as ordered by my doctor (more on this next time!) but I couldn’t help myself – I let out a few(?) squeals and screams! I still tried to stop myself from singing during the first few parts but in the middle of it all, I gave in and sang along with him in some songs too!

No regrets!

A Little Too Not Over You. This song is a fan favorite! Gosh! When the intro played, everyone just went crazy, including me! I was actually not allowed to sing or scream or speak loudly but it was so hard to stop myself. Ooh and listen to the audience do backup vocals for David at 2:35 – 2:48, we were in tune, y’all! Who needs backup singers when you have a Filipino crowd?

Ah, Crush. His first post-Idol single. I can’t believe it’s been 8 years! Time flies!

The concert made me realize how far David has gone and how much he has matured. As an avid fan for 8 years, I witnessed how his personality, his stage confidence, and even his music matured with time. I’ve always loved his songs and his lyrics but now that he’s experimenting with new styles and performing those in front of everyone, I’ve come to appreciate him even more.

I also love that he knows himself so well and does his own thing no matter what people say, and that confidence showed in the new music he’s writing and releasing. I’ve noticed that he’s more at ease when performing onstage now! He’s better at connecting with his audience and even if he makes mistakes, he’s cool with it and never takes it too seriously. He said he always used to beat himself up over imperfections and not meeting people’s expectations, especially because of the industry that he’s in. But now, he has matured enough to know that there will always be times that he will make mistakes in the process of trying and learning new things. All he cares about now is entertaining people by doing what he loves and expanding his horizons. In a way, I can relate to David and the way he thinks about being perfect and all that, because I think the same way. This is one of the reasons why I love him, he’s very profound and introspective.

This is one of the cutest parts of the show! He sang My Kind Of Perfect (my favorite David Archuleta song!) and played the piano for it too. Towards the end, he forgot the bridge part so the audience sang the whole part for him! I read somewhere that it wasn’t part of the original setlist but he sang it anyway, so maybe that’s why he got a little confused. It was really cute how he handled the whole blooper, and after the song he just said, well, things don’t always have to be perfect!

Finally, I absolutely love how David has a special place in his heart for Manila. Whenever he comes back to the Philippines, I can always sense so much joy in him. For some reason, he also does a lot of side-projects whenever he visits. Heck, he even acted in a Philippine mini-series 5 years ago! Who would have thought he was really good at acting? David also released an all-Filipino music album when he was here and even sang in Tagalog! One of the best parts of the concert was when he sang a famous Tagalog song called Nandito Ako. This was the theme song for his mini-series and I love how he sings the song so perfectly. There’s almost no trace of a foreign accent!

David sings Nandito Ako, a famous Filipino love song and the theme song of his 2012 mini-series of the same title. In the series, David played Josh Bradley, a famous Filipino-American pop star who came home to the Philippines after 10 years to look for his Filipina mother, who got separated from him in a hotel fire when he was young. David got all emotional in the middle of the song and I don’t blame him, the lyrics are painful and he probably remembered the series and the story while singing it!

Forevermore is another famous Filipino song that David covered in his OPM album. David says this is one of his all-time favorite love songs. It’s so touching that he actually performs this song in his US shows, that’s how much he loves it <3 It might sound familiar to you guys – I covered this song before, too! (Here’s the blog post if you don’t remember! :P)

David’s concert is definitely one of my favorites and I’m really happy that I got to watch him perform in Manila. I was super tired from all the cheering (silent and actual screaming), clapping, and singing but I didn’t mind at all. Everything that I spent and all the effort that I did just to get there and show my support was all worth it. <3

 And in case you were wondering, my throat did hurt afterwards and I had to add one more week of vocal rest (I was supposed to do only one week), but I don’t regret that I did all that cheering for him :’) <3


  1. David Archuleta is amazing, and I need to answer your question. I believe you can use spotify or use Youtube to listen to Vienna Teng’s new album, Aims. Amazing brilliant album.

  2. I can FEEL your excitement throughout this blog post haha! You’re adorable Claudine!! THE THINGS YOU DO FOR THE FANDOM 😂 I didn’t even know that David Archuleta came from American Idol? That’s like new information to me. For some reason, I thought he just popped out of no where like Justin Bieber! I am a fan of some of his songs, he’s got an amazing voice. 😍

  3. I thought that David Archuleta fell off the radar there a bit, because I haven’t heard about him in a long time. It’s good to see that he’s still out there performing. 🙂

    1. Yeah, he was inactive for a few years because of his mission and I was actually wondering whether he was gonna go back to performing, but I’m happy for him because it looks like he learned so much from his experiences during those years. His new songs’ lyrics reflect all of those learnings – can’t believe how much he has matured in such a short time! <3

  4. That’s great that you were able to see David Archuleta live in concert again! What bad timing to be on vocal rest though, haha. I also thought that was so thoughtful of him to sing a Filipino song. He really thinks about where he is and goes beyond for his fans! I’m glad it was such a good show! I hope your throat is feeling better now!

    1. I know right! I was devastated when the doctor told me a week before the concert that I had to completely rest my voice – even whispering was a no-no T_T But I ended up singing along anyway lol!

      I agree, I was so happy when he sang a Filipino song! I was so impressed that after so many years, he still knew how to sing it, accent and all <3

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