Getting To Know You And Me

I stumbled upon this blog post by Camie and the questions really made me think, so I thought it might be fun to try answering them. It’s also a great way to get to know each other, don’t you think?

Okay, let’s do this!

1. Are you sunrise, daylight, twilight, or night? Please share why you picked your time of day?


I would definitely choose night. I was never a morning person and I can barely stay awake when the sun is up. But during the night, I feel most productive and energetic. There’s just something wonderful about generating your deepest thoughts and brightest ideas during these times. But I guess that’s just me.

2. What is one goal you’d like to accomplish in your lifetime?

Surprisingly, it doesn’t have anything to do with my career or whatever. It’s not even the most ambitious goal. But one thing I would like to experience in my lifetime is to perform in a musical. It doesn’t matter what role. I fell in love with the stage as a child and I never had a chance to go back since then. I’d like to do it again.

3. If you could meet any historical figure, who would you choose and why?

I really thought long and hard about my answer, but then I realized that the people I’m really interested in are not prominent historical figures at all. Actually, the ones I’d most like to meet are my ancestors, especially my maternal grandfather (who fought in the Second World War) and my paternal great-grandfather (who fled to the Philippines to escape his life of poverty in China). It fascinates me how my family is a family of survivors, so I would love to hear stories about their struggles and life experiences, as well as lessons that they can impart on me.

4. You’ve discovered a time machine. Where and when would you travel to?

There are lots of places that I want to see, but maybe I would travel to pre-WW2 Philippines, when Manila still looked good and had great potential for progressiveness. Besides, I am very interested to see and experience how people back then lived their lives.

5. If your life had a slogan, what would it say?

“Every second counts.” I don’t like wasting time, especially if I know that I could be using it to do something more productive. The sooner that I finish it, the more time I have in my hands to share with the people most important to me.

I hope you guys enjoy knowing more about me through my answers and please feel free to do this as well! You can answer in the comments too or you can post it in your own blog! And since the questions are from Camie, just link her original post 🙂


  1. I agree with your life mantra but I do believe that you can not bring back the time. I do things that look “wasting time” to other people but to me, it is living the life I have to be and fulfilling what my heart wants to. I guess we all just live to different beliefs after all.

    1. Yeah, people have different percceptions on what a productive or fulfilling activity is. You might be doing something that you’ve always wanted to do, but people don’t appreciate it and tell you that you’re wasting your time on something useless. I’ve been there and, actually, I’m still experiencing the same thing! Bottom line is, for me, being productive is making the most out of your time and doing what you love. If what you’re doing contributes to your self-improvement, do it by all means! 🙂

  2. Interesting to read your answers, especially the one about the time machine. I know so little about the Philippines, other than the disasters (like Yolanda). Was it involved in WW2? What happened that made the country change after that? I’m very interested in history, have been watching some documentaries lately but mainly from the European perspective.

    1. Yes, the Philippines was actually a Commonwealth state under the Americans during the war. Since the Philippines was allied with the United States and was home to many of their military bases, it automatically became involved the moment the US decided to join the war. Many Filipino soldiers became part of the US Army Forces in the Far East (USAFFE) and served alongside American soldiers.

      Manila was constantly bombed by Japanese forces during the war, despite the declaration that it be made an open city. Thus, it was one of the most damaged cities from the war.

  3. I’m a night person too. I like to stay up late, I love the moonlight and evening air. I like to sleep in the morning. Not a morning person at all… I also would love to meet some of my ancestors, my great-grandfather on my mother’s side was put on a ship in Ireland after loosing his parents and siblings to disease during a famine and sent to Canada at 6 all on his own, and was adopted by a French family that could not speak English. There is actually a commercial here about the orphans and them wanting to keep their Irish names, we have a lot of heritage commercials I like to watch and find interesting.

    1. Wow! Your great-grandfather must have gone through a lot to adapt! He must have a strong personality to have lived through those experiences. Yes, I think it’s important to be in touch with your roots because it gives much more meaning to your identity 🙂

  4. I love your answers, and I agree — every second counts. I’m not as productive as you are, though, but I honestly think that relaxing sometimes and “wasting your day away” in a ~recreational way~ is worth it. Hehe 🙂


  5. Your answers gave me an idea of how you love the country so much. To be honest, it’s cool to know that someone wants to go back to the era of WW2 if ever there is a time machine. I myself dont have the guts to go back in that time because I am really afraid of wars so I really admire you for that answer. Being in a musical stage sounds fantastic, I would love to see you perform. Why not?

    I think I want to answer this, i’ll be posting this on my next post haha.
    <3 So much love

    1. I am just very curious about the state of the country before WW2 because from what I’ve seen in old photos, Manila looked really progressive (and clean!) back then. 🙂

      I’d love to read your answers as well! 🙂

  6. I’m not a morning person at all either! Some people like to tell me I just have to be motivated about getting up. Naaaah. I’ll get up at 6am if I have to (done it plenty before), but I won’t be singing about beautiful mornings and brand new days. Do not approach me until noon, haha!

    I’ve been in a few plays before in school. XD Ultimately, I think I prefer being in the background or doing set stuff.

    1. Haha we’re really the same then! No amount of motivation makes mornings happy, at all. Lol!

      It’s nice doing set stuff too! It’s what really gives life to the the stage and sets the mood for the whole show 😀

  7. I’m neither a day or night person at all, thanks to my meds, but I say in between for me.

    Still, I love this and I love getting to know my friends a lot more. Yeah, that’s cool you wanna go back pre-WWII, seeing Manila in a different era as I too, want to go back even pre-WWII or even WWII. Still, it’s amazing. Wow, your family is amazing with all the fighting and serving and just being survivors all around. I bet you get a lot of that from them.

    1. I think in between is good as well, because at least you’re able to function in the morning or night as deemed fit. 🙂

      Yes, I really admire them (even though I no longer got the chance to meet them). The struggles they faced to give their families a good life is fascinating. I do hope I get to be as strong as they are 🙂

  8. haha, I’m the same way on the first question. I’m definitely not a morning person, and I end up being most productive at night. I hope you’ll be able to accomplish your goal! I’ve performed in a couple high school musicals, though I wasn’t on stage. I was in the orchestra pit playing violin 🙂

    That’s a great answer for #3. I think it’s important to know more about your ancestors. Nice choice for slogan too!

  9. ooooh these are really interesting questions and do make you think! I wouldn’t know how to answer half of them to be honest because I hadn’t thought of it before!

    I’m also a night person because that’s when I feel the most calmest and able to concentrate on my work 🙂

  10. Great answers! I really liked reading these questions and answers. I am a night person too. For whatever reason I am so much more productive at night than during the day…maybe because I can’t procrastinate any more lol.

  11. I feel more productive during the night than day but the only thing stopping me is the want for sleep *o*. I’m sure you can land yourself a spot in a musical, even if you take a class at some random school to be in one ;P. It’s amazing to hear stories about family members who are survivors of some catastrophic event. I’ve heard stories of generations back where someone escaped China, Korea, and all sorts of places in Asia for a better life. It really affects the future.

    1. Haha, I love sleeping too! But I only doze off when the sun is up. Lol!

      I actually want to take some musical theater classes but I cannot afford them right now, maybe soon! Thanks for the encouragement 😀

      Yeah, they really do affect the future and even the way that the descendants perceive their roots. The descendants who are already living a good life often want to retrace their roots and know more about their place of origin. Who can blame them? The ancestors were really brave to have risked a lot just to come to a foreign country to survive, even if they didn’t know how they would do it at the time 😀

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