My first television appearance

Wow! I really am a lazy blogger! Haha a lot of things have happened since my graduation and yes, you read that right guys, that includes my first television appearance! Lol! It’s really funny how that happened, and here I am to tell you guys all about it.

So here’s the deal: I’m a really big fan of an awesome Filipino singer named Sam Concepcion. Besides being handsome, he’s really talented as well: he’s got a great voice, he’s a great actor, and he’s an awesome host in Myx, a music channel here in the Philippines (kinda like MTV). The channel held a Sing Like Sam contest where fans would upload videos of themselves on Instagram singing their favorite Sam Concepcion song. The winner would get a chance to meet Sam and host an episode with him. Since I really wanted to meet Sam, I uploaded a video of myself singing Someone, a song on his second album that wasn’t released as a single. I really didn’t expect to win because there were so many good entries, but the day after I submitted my entry, the show’s writer messaged me and told me I won! I would have to go to the studio the next day to film the episode, and I told her I’ll be there. 

I went to the TV network’s building the next day, and at first I was feeling fine, but I became nervous when I was brought to the studio. I wasn’t even able to ask what I would be doing! So I asked the production assistant and his answer was very brief: “You’ll just talk with Sam.” I didn’t know what to think. What if I came across as boring, or what if Sam didn’t like me… I was a mess. Then finally Sam came into the room and we were introduced to one another. He said I did a great job in my video (lol) and he said I won because I chose a less popular song of his, while the others sang his hit singles. He said it just goes to show how much of a fan I really am. Anyway, he’s really easy to get along with! He’s really funny and talkative. He looks really serious on TV, but in person he talks and acts like a really energetic kid. I love that. It was so easy talking to him that at times I didn’t even realize that there was a camera in front of us.

We talked about a lot of stuff, like why I decided to join the contest, why I chose the song I sang, and how long I’ve been a fan. Initially those were the only things we were supposed to talk about since the original plan was for me to read the viewers’ messages, so I could read from a script too. But they lost the copy of the stuff I was supposed to read so we just talked about anything we could think of. He also asked me to sing on TV, which I [gladly?] did. Hahaha! It was so embarrassing! The studio was freezing cold and I could hear my voice shaking. But the best thing about that episode was getting to sing a duet with him, which is a dream come true 🙂 His voice sounds even better in person, and it’s so well-developed that my voice just pales in comparison. Hahaha! He said that I did well though, so thanks for the encouragement I guess. Lol! Oh, and I also got to do a little bit of the hosting, which felt really good! I would love to do that again sometime! Sam told me that I should try out for this job and I said why not, it looks fun!

It was cold in the studio, so he gave me a big hug!This hug feels great!

A day with Sam is already a good enough prize for me, but the music channel also gave me tickets to Sam’s concert! I’ve been wanting to see him perform live and I finally got the chance! Haha I couldn’t believe all of those things happened, all the emotions just came rushing to me when I left the studio. <3


The episode aired a day after we filmed it, and I liked the way it turned out. The other fans who watched it loved it as well, saying that our conversations are really funny. I thought so too! My friends and family watched the episode too, and I realized that it really feels awkward when the ones close to you are watching you on TV. Haha! But anyway, I loved doing that episode, I loved talking to Sam, and I just loved every single bit of the experience. Definitely one of the most memorable days of my life.


  1. Wooooooooow! That’s so lucky and an amazing experience!! Congratulations!

    That’s a really good reason to have made you the winner, because it does indeed show that you’re a massive fan and have been with him all the way since he debuted (pretty much). So well done! ^^

  2. Wow, congrats! That’s so awesome that you won the contest and got to meet a singer you’re a big fan of! I think it does show how much of a fan you are to pick a less popular song that other people probably haven’t even heard 🙂 That sounds like an amazing experience, and that was nice of them to give you concert tickets too. I feel super awkward on video and am always too nervous to watch myself afterwards, haha. I’m glad the other fans liked it too!

  3. Congrats! It is really cool to appear on a television show and even get to interact with your fav singer! Getting the concert tickets from him is a blessing! You are really lucky and I am happy for you!

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