Last rehearsal: Sa North Diversion Road

Wow. It’s over already? I am going to miss this! Thanks to my partner Lanz for the photos 🙂

So tonight is the last rehearsal night of our HUMALIT Dramafest play, Sa North Diversion Road. It was very chill. We all just practiced our lines with the lights and sounds. We worked on the voice projection and the emotions because as far as memory work was concerned, I think we’re doing fine.

So yeah, at first we were so chill…

And then after goofing around, we all had to practice our lines with our partners! Our leader also came up with the idea of laughing at all the actors while speaking so that we would not get distracted when it came to the actual thing. It was hard!

Ooh it’s our turn now! Actors ready…?


“Ang hirap kasi sayo, pag nagsasalita na ako, sabat ka nang sabat!”
“Kaya ayokong kasama ka eh, nakakapanggigil, nakakakulo ng dugo! Buti pang nasa bahay ako, kaso panay pakitang tao pa rin sa kapitbahay!”
“A, ewan! Panay kamag-anak mo lahat iyang mga pangit na iyan eh!”

I always feel refreshed when doing this scene. Hahaha.

May: Magkwento ka naman Tony. Ano bang iniisip mo?
Tony: Nag-iisip ako ng kanta.
May: Ano namang kanta ang naiisip mo?
Tony: Sana, isa sa pinakamagandang kantang isusulat ko.

I always go “Aww” during this scene! <3

Aww, I am going to miss my groupmates! I feel good about tomorrow’s presentation 🙂 I hope everything goes well! Nothing can stop me from giving everything I have tomorrow. I am so excited to perform! Gogogogogo!

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