Recovering from tonsillectomy

Okay, please forgive me for the next rant-y posts that will follow, but oh my gosh, tonsillectomy is the worst surgery I’ve ever had! Not that I felt a thing during the operation, it’s just that the recovery is one of the most difficult and most painful processes I’ve ever encountered! Disclaimer: I am no…

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California Adventure!

Hi guys! I’m back, and I finally have time to blog about my vacation. I didn’t get to post photos earlier because I was so busy with what we were doing, I am having so much fun here in the US that I’m forgetting about other things. Haha! Anyway, I arrived in California last month (March 9) and the most exciting thing about my stay there is my Disneyland/Hollywood trip with my good friends, whom I haven’t seen for 6 years(!!!). It was so much fun just getting together and talking about our lives. Being in Disneyland made it even better because the place made us feel like we were kids again, and it was kind of fitting because we were still kids when we last met. This is my favorite part of my US tour so far because when I saw them again, it didn’t feel like I was talking to strangers or distant friends. It was like talking to these young boys just as they were years ago.

So it’s official…

…I’m finally graduating! Woo! I just checked the list of the graduates for this February’s graduation rites and I saw my name! Not only that, I’m part of the Dean’s List in my last term in college! I’m really very happy and I just can’t contain my happiness. All of the hard work definitely paid…

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It’s so amazing how my last day as a teenager was spent finishing papers and other boring schoolwork, then my first day as a 20 year-old was spent walking on the streets of an unfamiliar country. To most people, that statement might seem like I just spent my birthday going on a holiday. Nothing special….

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New pets!

I haven’t been posting much during the past month. Everything’s so busy now that it’s my last term in university. There’s always lots of schoolwork and meetings that I’m always drained every single day. I really can’t wait to graduate! Anyway, another thing has been keeping me busy lately. I just got new pets! Unlike…

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Is it a bad thing to be honest and true? Do you know the feeling where the things you do are very different from what others are doing? But you know you’re doing the right thing, no matter how different you might be. Everyone tells you to throw away all your beliefs and convictions because…

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The importance of friends

I’m not the type of person who tells other people her concerns. I mean, I do share some things with other people, but I mostly share my joys and not my problems. It’s because I believe that I should find all the anwers and solutions on my own. Besides, the world doesn’t give a damn…

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