The things I do for fandom – Part 1

In case you didn’t know, fangirling is my life. I only have a few fandoms but I select which ones I really want to devote my time [and money] to. So, if I start becoming a huge, huge fan of someone, I never really stop. I always support my artists to the best of my abilities, even doing crazy stuff just to show my support.

Like flying to Manila just to watch a concert, and flying back to Taipei when it’s over.

Well, two concerts, to be exact.

This post will be in two parts, and in this post I will be talking about my biggest fandom and favorite singer in the whole wide world!

Disclaimer: Videos aren’t mine! I’m just reposting them 🙂

Regine Velasquez – R3.0

Regine Velasquez is a very popular Filipino singer back home – she’s like our version of Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston in these parts because of her singing style and her power ballad hits. Because of the sheer power and vocal ability needed to properly sing her songs, her singles are staple karaoke songs and amateur singing contest pieces. In a way, you aren’t considered a good singer in the Philippines if you can’t sing her songs well XD

If you asked me to name my favorite artist of all time, it would be Regine. I think that no matter how old I get, it would always be her. I fangirl the hardest over Regine because I grew up listening to her music and singing her songs. I’ve been a casual fan since I was 6, so I’ve been singing her songs and copying her style for a long time. But by the time I turned 10, I evolved from being a casual fan to a diehard adik, taking time to watch her major concerts, follow her tours, watch her TV series, and basically just collect everything related to her and her music.

So, when she announced that she’s holding a major concert to celebrate her 30th anniversary in the music industry, I just knew I wouldn’t miss it for the world. If I had to fly back home in the middle of a busy school week just to watch her perform, I would. And that’s what I did!

I have no regrets, because this concert has made it to my list of her best concerts of all time. She was phenomenal, her voice was in tip-top shape, the song choices were on point, and everything was simply magical. Staying on top for 30 years in the music industry is a huge feat, so that night was a celebration of everything she accomplished and everyone who helped her reach that point in her career.  The connection between her and the audience that night was just so strong, and I love how everyone in the arena really knew every single word and would sing along with her. Indeed, Regine has a very dedicated fanbase – not surprising for a lady whose career spans three decades!

Here are some of my favorite moments:

You Are My Song (released in 1996) is one of her most popular hits, and is the theme song for one of her movies as well. You would notice that she started getting all emotional by the end of the first chorus (1:18). I think she didn’t expect our flashlight surprise! At that moment the arena literally looked like a starry sky. It was beautiful.

I took this one! Another video of that moment, this time with a view from my seat. Besides the starry sky effect, I also love that the audience sang along with her. Everyone was in tune too! I guess the fans take after their idol, haha!

One of the things I love about Regine is that she’s a very engaging performer. Not only is she talented, she’s also incredibly funny and spontaneous! Here, she performs one of her signature hits, Tuwing Umuulan (released in 2000) while going around the arena and posing for photos. It’s not seen in the video, but from my seat I could see security guys panicking and running around to follow her, because the crowd was increasingly going wild and she wasn’t supposed to come down and greet people! Lol!

This is one of the most emotional moments in the concert, where Regine just broke down while singing a song for her dad – fondly called Mang Gerry by her fans. Regine used to join amateur singing contests during her childhood years to earn money for her family1, and her dad was the one who trained her 2. Mang Gerry was always by Regine’s side and he was always present in all of her concerts, but he passed away a few years ago and this is Regine’s first concert without him in the audience.

All throughout the show, I was reminded of all the reasons why I love her. Of course, her vocal prowess is one of those reasons. But more than that, I love her because she’s still so humble, so true to herself despite all the fame. Even after so many years, we could still see that innocent little girl who dared to sing and dream despite her circumstances. I love that she really appreciates every single person who contributed to her success, including her legion of adoring fans. I actually cried when she thanked her fans towards the end, because what she said truly blew my mind:

“I know you’ve worked so hard, hard-earned money yan tapos ibinili ninyo ng ticket just to celebrate with me. Hindi matatapatan ng kahit anong regalo o kahit anong papuri ninyo sa akin yung pagpunta niyo ngayong gabi… Kaya ang tawag ko sa inyo ay ‘friends’, not ‘fans’. Because kayo yung laging nasa likod ko at handang ipaglaban ako.”

(I know you’ve worked so hard, you’ve spent your hard-earned money just to buy a ticket and celebrate with me. No amount of gifts nor praises would ever compare to your presence tonight… This is why I call you ‘friends’, not ‘fans.’ Because you’re the ones who are always behind me and ready to fight for me.)

Our fandom name has always been “Regine Velasquez Friends” for the longest time, yet I never really understood why until now. I love the story behind the name choice and I’m just so touched that she feels that way about us, because it’s true: her fans are some of the most loyal fans ever!

I’m really glad I took the time to celebrate with her and with the other fans. I really missed seeing her perform in a major concert and while I understood her insecurities  because of all the changes that’s happening to her voice 3, I truly love what I heard. I think everyone did too, or else she wouldn’t get 4 standing ovations that night, right? Not only was it a wonderful night of great music, it was also an emotional night full of laughter, tears, and love. Truly unforgettable.

So, there you have it! Part 2 coming up in a separate post!

Now I’m curious: Do you have a similar fangirling experience? What are the craziest things you’ve ever done in the name of fandom? XD

  1. Her prizes used to include cash, a sack of rice, and even a gas range!
  2. “Legend” says that Mang Gerry used to bring Regine to the beach and submerge her neck-deep in water in order to make her voice powerful. Nowadays, many parents do the same thing for their kids who show a talent in singing. For those parents in the city who do not have access to a nearby beach, they improvise and fill a huge drum with water for their kids. Mang Gerry, though, said that those days were more like playtime for young Regine than rigid training sessions: he just let her swim and play until she got tired, then they would sing while in the water. He says it helped develop Regine’s abdominal power and helped her get used to singing with pressure due to the waves in the ocean pushing her while she’s practicing.
  3. A few years ago, she got sick with acid reflux, a condition where the acid from the stomach goes up to the esophagus and affects the throat as well. This can damage a singer’s voice and make it difficult to sing. In Regine’s case, it has made her voice a little deeper and raspier, compared to her lighter/brighter tone in her younger days. Personally though, I prefer her present voice because I think her deeper tone produces a richer and more dramatic sound.


  1. I love fandoms, I love how they make people so happy and feel so alive! I can name a few artists and bands I admire so much that I would travel to see them (if studies weren’t in the way) for sure. Ed Sheeran would be one – I guess that’s no secret haha! I love how you flew back after it was over. Fangirl level over 9000 😆 I love it!

    I’ve not heard of Regine but I’ll definitely look at her other stuff, she sounds incredible!

    1. Haha yeah, I saw some blog posts of yours mentioning how you love Ed Sheeran XD And I’m sure you’re not alone, he has really great songs! 😀

      LOL yea, I literally just flew to Manila to see the concerts and left when it was all over HAHAHA. Crazy!

      You definitely should, to get a feel of the Philippine music culture/industry. She’s already a pop culture icon in the country because she’s been famous for so long. Everyone in the Philippines knows her, and if you grew up in the country I’m sure you would too! And I think if you listen to her songs, you’ll know why they’re classic amateur singing contest pieces. They are very difficult to sing XD

  2. Hi Claudine! I missed you! I’ve been gone so long from the blogosphere, I hope you still remember me. 😀

    Haha oh yes, the things we do to satisfy the fangirl side of our selves! I love that you still support OPM even if you’re in Taiwan now. Are you there for good, or will you return after studying?

    I love Regine’s voice, it’s so powerful. When it’s raining, I’d remember her song “Tuwing Umuulan”. I’m glad you were able to take a break. This experience is sure to motivate you in studying.

    Yes, that legend. I’m bad at singing, I tried singing deep in the waters but to no avail, I’m still horrible at it! 😂😂😂 But it makes sense how it developed Regine’s abdominal power though.

    The craziest thing I’ve done for fandoms… Hmm, I guess it has to be that I used to create and manage fanlistings for A LOT of my fandoms, from KDramas to music to Harry Potter, you name it. It’s because of Harry/Ginny ship that got me to create my very own website! HAHA!

    1. Senyth!!! It’s been a long time! Of course I remember you! <3 I didn't know your new URL but I'm so happy you're back! <3

      Haha, I didn't know that you tried singing neck-deep in water too! At first, I was surprised that a lot of Filipinos actually tried recreating her training sessions in order to improve their singing voices but apparently, we love music so much that we're willing to do anything to be good at it! Lol! I've heard that Sarah Geronimo, one of her famous showbiz "kids", imitated her training style (but in a water barrel XD)!

      Oooh, fanlistings! My first websites were actually fansites/fanlistings too! 😛

  3. It’s great that you had the chance to fly back home to watch Regine perform live! Major congrats to her for success in the music industry – 30 years is a long time! I always enjoy hearing famous people staying true to their values. I haven’t really done much for fandom before :’)

    1. Yeah, I’m amazed that she was able to stay in the music business for that long too! But it’s really nice that she really hasn’t changed much despite all the fame <3

  4. I am so happy for you. Looks like you had an amazing time. Nothing better than seeing some of your favorite artists in flesh. It’s the best feeling and atmosphere!

  5. I definitely fangirl over things, haha. For me, it’s more on shows and games, and I do things like make cosplays or draw things from them. I’ve had game developers from indie games I like comment on them before, which made me so happy!

    I think that’s great that you flew back to see your favorite artist! I didn’t know about Regine, but her voice is so lovely. Seeing your favorite artists live is really an amazing experience and even better if they really love their fans. That’s so touching that Regine seems to really appreciate her fans. Back when I used to concerts, my husband and I would drive to another city to see them. I’ve seen one of my favorite bands twice, and that energy during the concert! It’s such an amazing feeling!

    I’m glad you were able to go and had a great time!

    1. Wow, it must be so cool being noticed by the developers of the games you like! That must have felt super inspiring too <3

      Glad you liked her voice! Haha I'm such a proud fan :') Yeah, the energy in concerts is the best! It's a different vibe compared to just watching concert videos or DVDs. Being there makes you feel really connected to the artists and makes a long trip worth it lol!

  6. I fangirl over artists, movies, shows, books, games, and characters. OMG, her voice is gorgeous and filipino is such a beautiful language. I am in love with her as I am listening to her now and wow, I am impressed highly.

  7. I fangirl over so many things, but music has always been a big one for me too. Some of the best nights of my life have been spent at music gigs, watching my favourite artists perform. It’s so amazing to see one of your favourites live!

    Regine sounds incredible btw! I can see why you’re such a fan!

  8. Sorry for the late reply, I only saw your comment today. 😛

    I agree but, as I see it, that troll more simply doesn’t know what life is and she’s in dire need of one.

  9. Ooooh. I may not be in a music fandom, but I can totally relate! A lot of my Japan travels are due to me loving an anime or video game, so I travel to Japan to see the places that are featured in those media. Another example is me going to a figure skating championship to see my favourite skater in action. Thankfully, it was still in country, but it was a 3-4 hour bus ride! But I am glad I did!

    It’s good when you have something you love and support. Even better when you have others to fangirl about it! That’s one beauty about fandom and having friends who are fellow fans! Fangirling over something is a glorious thing! Anyway, kudos to you for doing that trip! It was definitely worth it for you!

    1. Woah a 3-4 hour bus ride is really far! But yes, if I were in your position I would say it was worth it too! You must be a super dedicated fan to have made that trip!

      Yeah, you mentioned in your blog entries that many of your trips are inspired by the places in your favorite anime or video games <3 That's actually a pretty good theme for a trip! 😉

  10. Yes I’m the same way! My favorite musical artist in the world is One Ok Rock, a Japanese rock band I discovered more than a year ago and have been obsessed and in love with ever since. I’ve seen them twice in concert and one of those times I flew all the way to Los Angeles to see them and waited in line for nearly 6 hours! It was the absolute best time of my life and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I was lucky the second time I saw them was in my town, but sometimes I regret not going to see them two more times in Los Angeles because, sadly, their Tokyo concerts were cancelled because they were supposed to perform with Linkin Park. 🙁

    Regine’s voice is absolutely gorgeous, and I can see why you compare her to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston! I think concerts are totally worth going out of town for if the person/group is someone that means a lot to you. I never regret going to concerts, even for artists that I don’t listen to anymore. There are SO many memories from concerts and different shows, so when my friends are like “Ah, I want to go…” I’m always encouraging them! 😛

    1. Oh my gosh, that sounds like a long and exhausting journey just to make it to their concert, but I would have done the same thing lol! <3 Too bad their Tokyo concerts were cancelled, hope you can get a chance to watch them next time 🙁

      I'm so glad you liked her voice! I always feel so proud when other people compliment her, haha <3

  11. I am not a member of any fandom. I guess I am yet to find an artist that will deeply move me.

    30 years! The length of years is almost the same as my age. I can say that I grew up hearing her music.

    My favorite songs of hers would be Tuwing Umuulan and maybe On the Wings of Love

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