1. I’m also a night-owl and I’ve mastered the art of hitting the snooze button while still half-asleep.
    The cherry blossoms look gorgeous!
    Ooh, Mandarin. Interesting! I’m also trying to learn another language (French) atm.
    Wow, you still have choir practice after all those classes? I salute you. I’d be too tired to sing after a long day.
    Ahh, I see. So Tuesday is actually like a Monday to you? 😂

  2. Thank you for the campus tour Claudine! Ahahaha!
    I miss being a student and I love your school! It’s so huge! XD I had hope before a school something like that… That japanese/korean university types if you know what I mean XD AHAHAHA!

    This is an interesting post. Sharing A Day in our life 😀 Heehee~

    • Lol you’re welcome and thanks for reading! It’s a long post XD

      Haha I know what you mean! I saw a Taiwanese drama before and I was also wishing for a school like the one in the drama. 😉

  3. Thanks for sharing your daily routine. Love seeing the photos, too! It’s always interesting to see how people go about their day. I’m a night owl, too, so waking up is so difficult and I tend to wait until the last minute to wake up. I found that I need to start preparing my bags and such the night before so I don’t scramble around like an idiot in the morning XD; It’s good you’re able to have down times during the day 🙂 I wish I had that option, but nope. Sometimes a one-hour lunch is just not enough!

    • Thanks for reading, Tara! 😀

      I also used to prepare my stuff during the night but as the school year progressed I just found myself finishing my schoolwork very late at night, so it’s not an option anymore, especially because my roommate sleeps early (she’s a morning person) and I don’t want to wake her up with all the noise XD

  4. I wish I can wake up at 7:30 on a typical day XD. Your view on the way to campus reminds me of my view when I was in undergrad. A morning walk is great for some light exercise.

    We always tell ourselves that we would never do something but end up doing it anyways. It’s all good as long as you enjoy it! Bless professors who give a break in the middle of a class session!

    Glad to hear that you’re a respectful roommate ;). At least you have one busy day out of the week. Sounds like you have more time to relax!

    • Haha! Believe me, it’s so hard to do wake up so early in the morning. I have multiple alarms set up – just because I tend to hit the snooze button all the time! 😛

      The PhD class is actually an enjoyable class, it can just be a bit overwhelming with all the political science theories we need to read. It’s not really my strong suit 😀

  5. I thought this was interesting to read! I like seeing how people spend their day 🙂 That looks like a nice walk to class, especially with cherry blossoms blooming. They’re so pretty!

    That’s really nice that you have a few hours of downtime in the middle of the day. It sounds like a nice break before having to do 3 more hours of class. I’m also amazed that after that, you go directly to choir practice! That looks like a busy day!

    Your schedule kind of reminds me of my last couple semesters in college. I had a light Monday, busy Tuesdays and Thursdays, but no classes on Wednesdays and Fridays. It was nice to have days in between of no classes!

    I hope the PhD level class is going well and that the workload isn’t too bad!

    • Thanks for reading, Cat! 🙂

      The class is going well, I’m learning to adjust little by little. It’s just a bit overwhelming speaking and presenting in front of all the PhD candidates! 😮

  6. That’s great that you walk. Even if it takes a little while it’s a good way to get some exercise and explore like you said. 😀 They cherry blossoms look so beautiful.

    That is really cool that you have the Mandarin class and are learning a lot. 😀 It would be good to have it set up in a style that works for you.

    It would be great to be able to talk to your family and boyfriend. It’s really nice that you are respectful of your roommate. 🙂

    It was really interesting to read about your day. 😀

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