101 Things in 1001 Days

This is my first time to participate in the Day Zero Project, also known as the 101 Things in 1001 Days Challenge. The concept is pretty straightforward: you come up with a list of things that you want to achieve, and finish those tasks or achieve those goals within 1001 days.

1001 days is a reasonable timeframe to complete many medium-term goals and allows for more flexibility in how you are going to achieve them. For accountability, I am sharing my list of 101 Things to all of you as well! My goals are sorted into 10 broad categories, and I will be updating this page when I make progress. I will be writing about my progress on specific goals too!

I started this list on May 26, 2018 and my end date for this challenge is on February 20, 2021.

Bold: In progress
Bold and strikethrough: Completed
Red strikethrough: Cancelled


  1. One second video a day for one year
  2. Record 5 cover songs (no minus ones!)
  3. Take 101 photos using the Instax Square (no cheating and printing!)
  4. Record a video with someone 10/06/2018: with Pauline. Video here.
  5. Make a Taiwan highlights video 08/22/2018: video here
  6. Take a self-portrait every month for 1 year
  7. Make a font out of my handwriting 07/05/2018
  8. Make a cassette tape filled with song covers


  1. Post a blog entry at least once a month
  2. Post on WP Instagram at least once a week
  3. Change my blog theme
  4. Switch to a new host
  5. Post at least 5 vlogs or videos on YouTube (2/5)

Travel and Experiences

  1. Get a Master’s degree 07/31/2018: Graduated with a Master’s degree in Applied Economics and Social Development!
  2. Travel to 5 new countries (4/5)
    (1) United Kingdom; (2) Norway; (3) Czech Republic; (4) France
  3. Visit 5 new places in Taipei before I leave Cancelled: Only 3 out of 5 places
  4. Go on a vacation with friends
  5. Audition for something
  6. Meet Regine Velasquez
  7. Visit Batanes
  8. Visit Palawan
  9. Reconnect with an old friend 10/15/2018: Met up with my friend Yvette in Prague after 4 years of not seeing each other!
  10. Travel to a new place at least once a year
  11. Visit my elementary school
  12. Get together with friends every quarter
    (1) 3Q 2018: DLSU Chorale and JPMorgan colleagues; (2) 4Q 2018: Yvette
  13. Meet a blog friend in person 10/06/2018: Met Pauline!
  14. Visit all Disneyland Parks in the world (4/9)
    (1) Hong Kong Disneyland; (2) Disneyland (California); (3) Disney California Adventure; (4) Disneyland Park Paris
  15. Visit Corregidor
  16. Accept a speaking engagement
  17. Commute by myself in Metro Manila (no taxis!)
  18. Go out by myself in a completely new place
  19. Go on a Harry Potter studio tour 09/28/2018


  1. Write a Chinese diary
  2. Finish Book 2 of the Practical Audio-Visual Chinese series 06/19/2018
  3. Finish Book 3 of the Practical Audio-Visual Chinese series
  4. Finish Book 4 of the Practical Audio-Visual Chinese series
  5. Learn R
  6. Learn GIS software
  7. Take a data science class
  8. Participate in a language exchange
  9. Learn a new song on the guitar (fingerstyle/plucking)
  10. Learn at least 5 pieces from the Final Fantasy Ukulele Collection
  11. Learn a song on the piano
  12. Develop my vibrato (and be able to control it)

Home and Life in general

  1. Digitize old photos
  2. Give my bedroom a makeover
  3. Move photos from old SD card to OneDrive
  4. Learn how to cook my favorite Filipino food
  5. Learn how to put on makeup
  6. Organize computer files
  7. Normalize my body clock (read: be a morning person)
  8. Be able to drive on my own
  9. Give away old stuff
  10. Get a new pet
  11. Do a social media cleanup
  12. Fix music library
  13. Overcome my video and camera shyness
  14. Change my hairstyle 09/07/2018
  15. Move into my own apartment
  16. Find a way to display my Instax photos
  17. Go through two months without comparing myself to others


  1. Update my resume and LinkedIn
  2. Get a job related to my career goals 01/02/2019
  3. Get published
  4. Pass the Civil Service Exam
  5. Buy new pieces for corporate attire collection
  6. Build a resume website
  7. Take a Chinese language proficiency test


  1. Save at least Px per month
  2. Get a new credit card
  3. Get a debit card 01/02/2019
  4. Complete a no-spend month


  1. Reach my goal weight
  2. Drink at least 2,200 mL of water every day a month
  3. Practice voice therapy exercises every day for a month
  4. Run at least 3x a week for 3 months
  5. Follow pacemaker interrogation schedule
  6. Find out my blood type
  7. Recover from vocal nodules


  1. Read books on bookshelf’s to-read stack
  2. Finish at least 5 Taiwanese dramas
  3. Finish at least 5 Korean dramas
  4. Listen to a new song every day for a month
  5. Watch at least 3 theater productions
  6. Watch IMDB’s Top 100 Greatest Movies Of All Time
  7. Marvel Cinematic Universe marathon (chronological order)
  8. Finish at least 5 video games
  9. Watch at least 5 Filipino movies (1/5)
    (1) Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral
  10. Attend Cinemalaya
  11. Read at least 5 Philippine history books
  12. Watch all the classic Disney movies

For Fun

  1. Improve my handwriting
  2. Re-learn how to write in Baybayin
  3. Learn how to write in Enchan
  4. Buy a new phone 11/13/2018
  5. Buy a new iPad 07/10/2018
  6. Buy Instax Square printer
  7. Buy new Mac desktop
  8. Comfortably reach Cosette’s last note in A Heart Full Of Love
  9. Learn how to write with my left hand
  10. Take a new headshot/profile photo