Back to school!

I graduated with a Financial Management degree in college. I enjoyed studying it, but during my college days I wished I took a double degree in Applied Economics and Financial Management instead. But since I was in danger of not graduating on time (I shifted degrees during my second year), I had to settle for a


I remember attending a friend’s debut party and, as per the tradition, select friends of hers would give her a gift (“treasure”) and prepare a short speech for her. As I was getting ready to go onstage to give my gift and speech, someone told me: “Hey, you graduated from (this school) and (that school),

New life

I stayed home today instead of going to work because I’m feeling ill, but it hasn’t been such a bad day after all because I found something really nice when I woke up this morning: one of our cats gave birth to a lovely kitten! Actually, we didn’t know that our cat was pregnant because

Language classes

It’s been more than a year since my last Mandarin lesson and now that I am exposing myself to the language through Chinese/Taiwanese music and TV shows, I can say that my interest in the language is just growing. I’ve been trying to learn lots of new words and I also learned how to read some


A few weeks back, I attended the wake of my best friend’s grandpa and since we grew up together, a lot of her family members recognized me even after so many years and asked me how I was doing. I don’t know why but lots of people thought that I went to grad school just like my