January 2017: Taichung – Highlights

I was planning to go back to the Philippines as soon as the semester ended (January 13), but I had to delay it to one week later because I couldn’t stay out of Taiwan for more than 30 days. If I did, it would affect my eligibility for the national health insurance. Anyway, I saw this … [Read more…]

Life Songs: Once

On my iPod, I have a playlist named “Life songs”, which are songs from important moments of my life, or songs with lyrics that really struck me during an important period of my life. One of the songs on this playlist is called Once by Shane Filan (some of you may know him as the former … [Read more…]

New hair!

When my boyfriend came over to visit, he took lots of photos of me. While most of them were great, I was really disturbed by one photo – not because it was bad, but because I saw how my hair looked like from the back. It was too long, and my curls were all over … [Read more…]


Spending a birthday in a foreign country isn’t new to me because since I turned 20, I’ve been spending my birthdays in different places. But this is my first time to celebrate in a country where I live alone. Everyone I talked to felt really sad for me but actually, it wasn’t too bad. On … [Read more…]

One month in Taiwan – Highlights

September was a very busy month, with lots of orientations to go to and classes to attend. I think I can say that it was my adjustment period. But now, I’m getting used to things little by little and now I finally have time to blog about previous month’s highlights! Classes So far, the classes are … [Read more…]

My first week in Taiwan

Studying abroad isn’t easy. Although I’ve tried to research as much as possible regarding the things I need to know, I’ve still been surprised by lots of things and some of them are really funny encounters, which I will share later. But for now, I’m glad to say that overall, I’m adjusting pretty well. It’s … [Read more…]

Back to school!

I graduated with a Financial Management degree in college. I enjoyed studying it, but during my college days I wished I took a double degree in Applied Economics and Financial Management instead. But since I was in danger of not graduating on time (I shifted degrees during my second year), I had to settle for a … [Read more…]

Taiwan Holiday 2015: My Favorite Sights

As I was backing up my photos to my computer, I realized that I had lots of photos from last November’s Taiwan trip, and I didn’t even get to blog about it! This post is waaaay too late but I think it would still be interesting to share with everyone the places I visited. I … [Read more…]